Have you blown your bank, so that it's emptier than a banker's heart?

You’ve heard the outlandish promises from the so-called “trading gurus” on the internet.

They pose with fancy cars, or maybe even a boat, and stand in front of mansions.

HINT: that is a hotel they are standing outside of.

They really live in a 3-bed terrace in Bracknell.


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Beginner Trader

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We hate to be the bearer of bad news (because we too bought into it when we first started)…

But most people who believe these claims FAIL in their trading career.

Which means your beliefs and scepticism are actually correct.

DEEP DOWN we all know that it’s a nice dream…but only 1% of traders actually live this lifestyle.

They’re the cream of the cream of the crop.The Olympians of the trading world if you will.(And the Olympics only come round once every 4 years!)

The harsh reality is that many traders will blow their bank when they start.

This is because they are:

  • Using trading strategies that are either greedy or careless
  • Trying to take profits through trial and error without having a system for making trades
  • Piecing together the overwhelming amount of information on the web, trying to get results, without a proven strategy

Because of this, the average beginner trader gives up less than 1 year after starting.

Only 10% of beginning traders ever make it into full time traders.

So the question is… how do you become one of the 10%?

How do you succeed at being a trader?

Maybe not the Lamborghini-level trader, but something much more achievable.

  • Like having a 6 figure income from trading alone.
  • Or buying a new car for the first time in your life…at the age of 82.
  • Or finally catching up on the mortgage…and still having enough left over to take the family on a holiday to Bangkok.
  • Or leaving your day job to be at home with kids.
  • Or maybe just bringing in an extra £100-£200 a week that pays for the little things
    …like a weekend away, or a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Our clients have done all of those things.

And now we’re going to let you in on how they did it.

The truth is…to actually make money trading…you need to build a strong trading foundation.

Trading is a skill that you can use for the rest of your life.
Mastery of this skill is literally priceless.

This is why we focus on building strong foundations at the start so you can trade successfully long term.

  1. A Daily Trading Plan.
  2. Proven Strategies that work long term.
  3. The ability to execute your strategies with confidence every day according to your plan.
  4. Stop trading, ideally after no more than 1 hour of trading. No overtrading.

Sounds simple? It is! but not easy. So is losing weight, eat less simple right? No-one ever said it was easy though.

To truly make money as a trader, you need to adopt proven trading strategies. 

Strategies that have been proven to work, and have withstood the test of time…and will continue to do so.

Strategies that can reliably bring in money for you,
so that you can live the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

Strategies that aren’t greedy or careless,
but that help you build a trading foundation,
so that you can start trading profitably, and continue to do so.

But how do you do this?

The biggest challenge beginner traders face is a lack of direction and guidance.

There are thousands of trading strategies out there, but very few have been proven with years of success.

And when you’re new to trading, it’s nearly impossible to evaluate the information you’ve been given.


Wall Street, New York City.

Let us give you a proven road map that will guide you like a GPS and give you certainty that you can pull profits from the market.


As pro traders let us help you build a solid foundation of key principles for profitable trading.  . .

…even if you know nothing about trading and only have a few hours a day.

Hi! We’re Mark Austin and Cameron Malik and we practise what is known as lifestyle trading.

While we’re not trading millions of pounds a year, our proprietary independently verified fund is up 328% over the last 3.5 years. We’ve had great success, pulling £182,678 annually from the markets or having trained over 1000 traders to turn into full time professionals.

Plus, we enjoy trading live in front of our clients.

You heard us right. We trade live with our clients, so they can see what we do to make money from the markets in real time.

We trade the indexes for set times each day, and take the rest of the day off to enjoy ourselves.

We would love to show you how you too can start on this journey, and use trading to put a bit extra in your pocket…or maybe make it your full time income.

Mark Austin, Cameron Malik – Magnetic Trading.

At Magnetic Trading we provide a beginner trading plan, a map, if you will, so you no longer have to second guess where you’re going next.

This map will help build your foundations so you can start profitably
and build on your knowledge as you move towards becoming a professional trader.

How are we going to do that?

Last year we wrote a book detailing how to make money from the markets if you are a beginner.
In particular, the book gives you all the basics of trading plus a fundamental trading strategy. This trading strategy not only teaches you how to trade profitably but it also succinctly encapsulates our entire trading philosophy.
In short, this book will teach you what you need to know to begin with strong foundations.

We want to give it to you for FREE.

Normally, the Magnetic Trading 5 Minute Bar Beginner System sells for £200.

Or at least, that’s what our accountant wants us to sell it for.

We’d rather give it to you free.

Yes, you heard us right.


Now you may be wondering what is the catch.
No catch we just want to work with traders in the future
who have some knowledge of what it takes to make money in the markets.

Frankly, many beginner traders are full of the get rich quick mentality
and that is something we are working to avoid.
We would rather enable them to find what they truly want in the long run.

We believe our 5 minute bar system will help you do just that and
when you get yourself profitable, then you will only be too happy to join us
for the next level where we take you to professional or full time trader.


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Beginner Trader

We know what works and what
doesn’t to become professional traders. We’ve done it ourselves.

Now, we want to help traders just like you finally
take control over their financial lives,
so they can take care of themselves and loved ones.

Isn’t that what you really want? Financial freedom?
The ability to give your family the life they deserve?

Isn’t that why you started trading in the first place?
To see your money grow..instead of the £0 in your bank account
after all the time and money you have put into trading so far?

Join the 5 minute bar beginner system
to jump start your trading education
and start trading with confidence.


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Beginner Trader