10 Ways to Quickly Improve your Day Trading

10 Ways to Quickly Improve your Day Trading

10 Ways to Quickly Improve your Day Trading


Magnetic Trading Summit in London

Magnetic do what no Trader/Educators do! At our Magnetic Trading Summit in London we traded live in front of our clients profiting 2630 GBP. More importantly some of our clients made even more than us. All completed in less than 1 … Read More


Lovely Letter from a Client of Ours

Mark, I’ve been meaning to write about my experiences using your training system. I have recommended it to clients of mine through my Unique Property website. I guess most people are rather nervous of the type of investment this is. … Read More


10 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Traders

Wow! You really loved our post 10 Must-Follow Facebook Pages for Traders. We’re chuffed. Naturally, we acquiesce to requests from our clients and the trading community. This is the post you’ve been asking for. Magnetic Trading carefully investigated the trading accounts on Twitter … Read More

Mark and Cameron boot camp

Zak Mir interviews Cameron Malik (Spreadbet Magazine Issue)

Our very own trader and entrepreneur Cameron Malik got interviewed by Zak Mir. The interview was published by the popular Spreadbet Magazine. Zak: Welcome to Spreadbet Magazine Cameron. Given the way that 90% of short-term traders lose money, is it … Read More


10 Must-Follow Facebook Pages for Traders

1. IG • Over 6,000 share CFDs, as well as forex, indices, commodities, options and more • Award-winning online trading technology • Competitive rates and low margins 2. Insta Forex To provide qualitative brokerage services to our customers at Forex … Read More



ZAK MIR. IntervIews “Mr Ftse”. Mark Austin. ZM: According to the “Dear Leader” aka editor of Spreadbet Magazine, no one makes money on a consistent basis as a short-term trader of the FTSE 100. Do you have a challenge to … Read More


How to set up your week for trading success by Monday morning 8:08am

UK’s Premier Online FTSE Subscription Dear traders, Please find below an educational video on why its good to sell markets at all time highs and a trade taken for the Magnetic FTSE service today- Good morning FTSE ANALYSIS http://screencast.com/t/FS4n9bnwEH Official trade – … Read More


5 Trading Cliches You Should Avoid

The internet is a powerful tool that can help us get valuable information on any topic we wish. However, the internet can unfortunately be sometimes full of misinformation, scams and wrong data that can sometimes lead to disaster. The world … Read More


What to expect in 2014?

So the start to 2014 has so far been a negative affair. Equities almost always rise during the first 5 days of the year and if this period is negative then it often indicates the coming year could be negative … Read More