Magnetic Trading Plan

Your Daily Trading Plan 1. Always use the same % risk per trade. No matter what your confidence is of the trade. (Tweet this) 2. I will only trade 5 minute bar or gap trades. 3. I will only trade … Read More

Live Trading Room 1st trading day of June

On the first trading day of a new month, money is injected into the stock market. This usually creates a short-term move up which then reverses. (Tweet this) Look how we used this information to trade on the 1st of … Read More


MISCONCEPTION Think you can gain an edge using daily news events for your trading? think again……. It’s a common misconception that fluctuations in the stock market are entirely event driven. In other words, economic releases and news events are what … Read More

The real truth behind the professionals who manage your money

The real truth behind the professionals who manage your money   A subject which is rarely talked about…   If you put a man in a well-tailored suit and sit him in one of the city’s top banks there is … Read More

An insight into live risk management in our trading room

Discover an insight into our daily Live Trading Room, one of our great features!     Find out more about our Live Room Service.  

Double stop and reverse technique

Although stop losses are sometimes extremely frustrating they are a necessity in trading and prevent traders from suffering large losses. The biggest and most common mistake which prevents traders from succeeding at this business is allowing a loss to run; … Read More


6 COMMON MISTAKES – BIG PROBLEMS FOR TRADERS (and MENTORS) Failure to follow instructions properly It is good to know that the majority of our clients make healthy returns from our services (the winner of our monthly whale programme competition … Read More

Expiry Trade Case Study

How do you double your money every 3 years with a simple investment strategy? With UK banks giving you at best 2% savings rates and UK inflation set at 3% you are losing your money putting it in the bank. … Read More


Hindsight I must confess that I used to suffer from the frustrations of my perfect 20/20 vision of past trades.  It seems that so times in my trading career as I continue to perfect my craft that I would exit a … Read More

Less Is More In Trading Unlike Conventional Jobs

Compulsion…   Let’s start this discussion with the definition of a compulsion; An irresistible urge to behave in a certain way, especially against one’s conscious wishes. Most of us have spent our adult lives either working for ourselves or for … Read More