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See one of our client’s progress in 2016 after making 500% return

By October 17, 2017 March 24th, 2018 Recent Results

Cameron Malik: Okay, so here we have Peter Banister. We’re back in Bangkok. We’re now in May for our first Pro Trader event of 2017. Pete, welcome back to Thailand.

Peter Banister: Thanks.

Cameron Malik: How are you doing?

Peter Banister: Good.

Cameron Malik: Excellent. You were here with us couple of months ago.

Peter Banister: I was here I February, yeah.

Cameron Malik: Here in February when we went on a cruise. You were here before that for the last Pro Trader event. It has been great just seeing your success going through. Back last year you turned $13,000 account into 67, that’s right?

Peter Banister: Yes.

Cameron Malik: And you’ve made 500 percent last year. Then we met you in February and you were up by 20 percent, or something like that.

Peter Banister: Yeah.

Cameron Malik: So how’s it going now? We’re now in May. How’s things going for you to date?

Peter Banister: Been a slow lately, but I’m up about 30 percent for the year.

Cameron Malik: So 30 percent. I think you said that last couple of months, April, was a little bit trickier.

Peter Banister: Yeah, it’s been a little bit difficult lately, for me anyway.

Cameron Malik: Sure. So you had a down month last month?

Peter Banister: Yeah, I had a down month last month. All the other months have been positive or slightly positive. This month is going okay so far.

Cameron Malik: Cool. That’s kind of normal, you’re going to have a down month now and again. 30 percent up overall for the period. So you’re pretty happy with that. How do you think you’re going … because I know we had a bit of a chat at the end of the year of okay, my goals are going to be to make more on a larger account. How are you handling that? Because that’s something I think a lot of our clients go through that transition of trading a smaller account and then trading a larger size account. How’s that going for you now?

Peter Banister: I’m still not on a real large account. I trade, probably, a medium size account. Still not 100 percent comfortable with it yet, but I’m getting there.

Cameron Malik: I mean the good thing is it’s working. You’re certainly up and as I say, it is a bit of a transition going. What’s the next goal? Where do you want to be the next time we see you, which will maybe be … have you got any plans to come back later in the year?

Peter Banister: Hopefully, yeah. Depends what we’ve got going on at home, but …

Cameron Malik: Sure. So what’s the next big goal for trading?

Peter Banister: Make money and stay safe. But improve on some of the trades that I’m not so good with.

Cameron Malik: Okay, okay. So do you think coming here, that’s helped with some of the trades. Have you learnt anything new here? I know you know a lot of the trades already.

Peter Banister: Well you always learn something new and you never stop learning, so that’s good. Apart from that, I know most of the trades, but some of the legal intuition and little things you guys tips you give us keep us out of trouble. Still need to get better with that.

Cameron Malik: Which is just experience. It’s sort of, yes, intuition from us, but it’s just experience because we’ve traded it so many times that you have that experience and of course, through time, you’re gaining that experience as well. Today I wanted to get you by the pool, so have you been by the pool? Last time you were here you said you wanted to sit and make money by the pool. Are you making any money by the pool?

Peter Banister: Well, I haven’t been near the pool yet.

Cameron Malik: We haven’t had time have we?

Peter Banister: Hopefully, while I may not get to do it here, but I’ll get to do it … we’re going to [inaudible 00:03:54] after we leave here.

Cameron Malik: Okay, beautiful.

Peter Banister: The pool is right out the door.

Cameron Malik: Great, so having a little bit more of a holiday while you’re here and make some money by the sea and the pool. Beautiful.

Peter Banister: Sounds good.

Cameron Malik: Pete, so wonderful to see you again and thanks for having a chat with us.

Peter Banister:  No worries. Thanks.

Cameron Malik: Cheers.

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