We have trained over 3000 students.

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Our students are from all walks of life from lorry drivers to lawyers. Some making 6 figures from trading others more modest monthly sums to take their family on holiday. The thing that defines them all is a desire to succeed and crack the day trading nut to become profitable. Listen to their stories below.

As I continued to track your trade over mine, I could see I was profitable with yours.

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I do 2-3 trades a week which is enough to generate an income.

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“Firmly in the Black”

“This is the best thing that ever happened to me. I like to understand why things happen on the market. And with Magnetic Trading, I’m firmly in the black.”

Tim Highett Bangkok Mastermind

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$27,000 on the Nikkei
"We made back all the money for the trip and the course whilst we were there"

Kenny and Sally Loh

Sydney Mastermind Event

Index Trading – The Risk Reward Is Much Greater
"It's like learning a language you can't expect to learn overnight." "What I like about Index trading is you can sit in front of the screen for five or ten minutes and see if the trade is on or not.

Jakes Niemand

Bangkok Mastermind Event

My Biggest Win is 4%
"I like the approach of in and out in ten minutes" "It's less stressful than waking up and wondering if you are winning or losing"

Young Guy

Bangkok Mastermind Event

“We’re taking from the market $1,000 a day”
“The education is really wonderful. We are really happy with the results we are getting and it has been a wonderful journey.”

Kenny Loh

Sydney Mastermind Event

47% Gain Since Joining
"It's been going fantastic I enjoy the learning aspect"

Stephen Chilvers

Sydney Mastermind

I made $8000 on Expiry
“I always trade at the open” "I like index trades, I like quick trades" "I like how Mark is so precise and leaves you in no doubt what you should be doing"

Carol Bearsley & Trisha Vincent

Sydney Mastermind Event

Imagine if in one fell swoop you could remove your losing trades?

Magnetic Short-Term Trading, the first course of its kind that shows you how a professional trader writes a daily report predicting the outcome of the markets.

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