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Magnetic Trading’s new app

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We have trained over 1000 students.

Hear from our
successful students.

Our students are from all walks of life from lorry drivers to lawyers. Some making 6 figures from trading others more modest monthly sums to take their family on holiday. The thing that defines them all is a desire to succeed and crack the day trading nut to become profitable. Listen to their stories below.

“You Can Always Learn Something New.”

Peter came to our Mastermind event in October 2016.
He had turned to index trading because ill-health had stopped his main line of work.
During 2016 he took a $13,000 account and turned it into $67,000 for a 500% return!

Now not everyone realises but as your account size grows so does your stake and so does your perceived risk.
So one of the challenges is becoming comfortable with this increased stake.

Despite Pete’s success, he was along to another even in May 2017 to master the intuition and nuances of trading.
He also admits that increased stake size is a challenge nevertheless he was up 30% for the year and was happy with the progress.

“You Can Always Learn Something New.”

“I turned a $13,000 account into $67,000 for a 500% return in a single year. And I’m still mastering the intuition and nuances of trading.”

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More Success Stories

I do 2-3 trades a week which is enough to generate an income.
Jay learned a lot from Magnetic in the last 4 years and he is now making a living out of trading. Jay is doing 2-3 trades a week, which is enough to generate the same income as when he was working full time. The main factor that got him from an average trader to a confirmed trader is focusing on one market and increasing the size of his trades.

“$6000 in a hour”
"I can use this to generate an income for the rest of my life" "I spend around an hour trading a day"

Peter Gribbs

Bangkok Mastermind Event 2016

3.5% in One Night
"I can be done in half an hour a day" "I can understand the market function they are taking advantage of" "They have a brilliant understanding of the markets. It's an intuition"

Neil Welsh

Sydney Mastermind Event 2016

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