Experienced Day Trading Success Secrets

Have you been trading for over a year, and want to make bigger and more consistent profits…

But you find yourself taking 2 steps forward and then 1 very big step back?

Cancelling out ALL of your profit?

Even if you’ve been trading for many years and think you know everything about trading…
Or you feel like you’ve tried it all but still haven’t reached the success you want…
We want you to know:

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Experienced Trader

It’s not your fault that you
haven’t gotten to where you want to be.

You’ve heard outlandish promises from the so-called “trading gurus” on the internet.

They pose with fancy cars, or maybe even a boat, and stand in front of mansions.

And even though you’re an experienced trader and you know it’s not actually as simple as they make it seem…

It’s hard not to compare yourself to them. 

These are the big names, after all.

They’re the best of the best. The ultimate in what’s possible with trading.

But most people who believe these claims FAIL in their trading career.

DEEP DOWN we all know that it’s a nice dream… but only 1% of traders actually live this lifestyle.

The probability of you making millions from trading is VERY slim. 

However, there are much more achievable goals you can hit, even as — especially as — an experienced trader.

How does a consistent, £150 profit a day trading the markets sound? 

It’s absolutely possible.

And in fact, most experienced traders actually aim for £400-£500/day.

Which means an income of £120,000 per year, from trading alone, is easily within reach. 

It’s not the millions the gurus promised you…but it’s not doing too badly by most financial standards.

And there’s always the possibility of making more.

Bull at the DAX exchange, Germany

How can we guarantee this? 

Well, we can’t. Not 100%. (No one can guarantee you anything, 100%, especially in trading.)

But we do have a system that has reliably generated consistently profitable trades, audited live, for the last 4 years.

We’ve used it to live on the beach in Thailand.

And trade from the mountains tops of Japan and Canada.

And our students have used it to:

  • Generate a 6 figure income from trading alone.
  • Buy a new car for the first time in their life…at the age of 82.
  • Finally, catch up on the mortgage…and they still had enough left over to take the family on a holiday to Bangkok.
  • Leave their day job to be at home with kids.
  • Even just to bring in an extra £100-£200 a week that pays for the little things…like a weekend away, or a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant.

As an experienced trader, you know that the mastery of trading skills is truly priceless.

We’ve designed our system so that you’re often only trading for 30 minutes a day.
And are consistently making profitable trades.

Even if you’ve been trading for months (or even years)…and know you’ve lost more
than you ever made and have no idea what to do to finally make a profit…

Even if you’re profitable some days or some months…but you feel like
you’re barely breaking even when you look at your trading statement
(and have no idea how to replace the roller coaster with calm, easy consistency)

Even if you’re consistently profitable…
but still feel like you have room to grow and pull in bigger daily profits…

If you want the real benefits of trading…

To finally have control over your life…while being financially secure…
and taking care of yourself and your loved ones…

Mark Austin Trading at Whistler, Canada

Welcome to Magnetic Trading 

We’re Cameron and Mark.
We provide experienced traders with an accelerated,
structured trading system and plan so you no longer have to ask which way next.

We make trading and generating consistent profits
clear for our traders by giving them a framework and a foundation to work from.

So that they can future their career as traders.

We’ll help you set realistic goals,
and then take you step by step to achieving them.

We know what works and what doesn’t.

we developed it through trial and error.

When we started out, we made all the same mistakes as you.
We sat in front of screens willing the profits to come.
We followed everyone else’s advice until we didn’t know whether we were coming or going.
We over traded.
We came out too soon.
We came out too late.

BUT once we started trading on market inefficiencies, focused on being in the market for a short period of time.

Really understanding our market.

We finally made it to a (very) comfortable living from the markets  and now travel the world trading where and when we want.

We want to personally show you how we overcame these challenges with our trading system.

And we’ll share with you the techniques we’ve used to achieve increased accuracy with our trades, and higher, more consistent profits.

Regardless of what stage you’re at in your trading journey, we have resources here that will help. 

Sometimes, you are one new strategy or small shift away from achieving your trading goals.

Let us help you break through your obstacles, reach the next level of trading, and gain more clarity and direction in the markets.

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How does a professional trade? Join to find out.

Discounts, Offers and Education from the Magnetic Team

Experienced Trader