Are you ready to WIN in the markets and change your life forever?


Challenge #1

Having the Confidence to “Push the Trade Button”


Challenge #2

Searching for the ‘Holy Grail’ of index trading.


Challenge #3

No time to trade.

Are you ready to WIN in the markets and change your life forever?

My name is Mark Austin and along with my co-founder, partner and best friend, Cameron, Malik we have been trading the FTSE for a combined 20 years. We also carry with us a passion to win everyday in everything we do, “we love to win and we hate to lose.”

That drive to win that we see in people’s eyes is what prompted us to conduct index-trading seminars and live trading rooms all around the world. What we have learned is that with few exceptions, traders ranging from novices to self proclaimed experts struggle with the same challenges.

Trading can bring YOU amazing benefits as well, and it doesn’t even surprise me at all when “experienced” traders join our service – good ideas are always useful, and in the markets that simply means greater PROFITS!

What are YOUR challenges?

Challenge #1
Having the Confidence to “Push the Trade Button”

This can be the scariest part, having the confidence to know when to get in the market and when to get out of it. Maybe you’ve done it in practice mode 100 times but now when you are on the hook for £20 a point suddenly you start to sweat and second guess yourself and before you know it you’re in a trade going the wrong way.

Imagine instead, getting an early morning pre-market ‘alert’ from an experienced trader, pointing out the hot trades you should get into that day? And receiving detailed updates virtually in real time as the market ebbs and flows from that same expert?

Challenge #2
Searching for the ‘Holy Grail’ of index trading.

There is no robot or automated system that can duplicate the trained eye and intellect of an experienced FTSE trader. Its time to stop wasting time and money system hopping looking for this magic bullet, it isn’t out there my friends.

What it truly takes to be a successful index trader is a team of highly skilled and proficient experts like Magnetic Trading supporting you. There is no magic formula to making money or everyone would be doing. Index trading is battle and it requires a gladiators approach to winning. Being successful at any battle requires a great team of advisors, a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed.

Challenge #3
No time to trade

We only send you actionable information that tells you exactly what we are trading, so you can simply go into your brokerage account, set up the trade and be done!

You don’t have to stare at charts and do hours of analysis. Remember, we are trading everyday and doing all of the research, all you have to do is overcome challenge #1 and with our help we know you can do it!


“Thanks Mark and Cameron for all of your mentoring this year and for putting up with my questions. My account for the month is in the black and up almost 10%. You’re both rock stars in my mind!”

Jeff B.Sydney, Australia

“I have achieved the best results I have ever had in my five years of trading since joining Magnetic. I am looking forward to next year more than ever, and for the first time, I actually believe I can do this for a living.”

Tiffany S.Munich, Germany

“Your insight into the market has really made me think a lot more about how it moves. As a result I am up 21% in less than 3 months. And more importantly I do not intend on giving it all back.”

Johnny W.Paris, France

We have made our money, its time to give back and help others make their money.

There is only so much golf a guy can play before he realizes that he isn’t being challenged. So our thought was a way to give back. Since we are making regular trades anyway, why not just share these trades with a select group of people so that they can profit right along side us? The idea was simple, let people ‘look over our shoulders’ whilst we traded

What’s so special about the people who are making money following our trades? You’ll laugh when I tell you.

This group of people has the unique ability to… do what I tell them!

Yeah, simple as that, do what I tell you to do – I can hear you now in your living room saying – “What? Is that all? I could do that!” You would be amazed how many people simply cannot resist fiddling with our astonishingly successful and proven FTSE methodology.

These people will place trades, which have nothing to do with the proven methodology. They often risk more (or less) of their bank than I tell them to, all because they have a ‘hunch’ or a ‘gut feeling’. You may laugh, but I’ve seen it so often.

So I need to ask you this vital question… Are you willing to sit back and let ME tell YOU exactly what to do on a daily basis? I’ll leave that question with you as only you can answer.

We will be teaching you exactly what we do, with the goal of setting you on the path to a lifetime of trading profits.

We don’t want you to become dependent on us forever; we want you to learn how to make money from index trading and stay disciplined and focused in order to keep your profits. Our biggest personal reward is watching our clients become more and more independent to the point where they are ready to graduate to our Pro-Trader program where students learn to become professional index traders.

How we help you make money trading the FTSE

The objective of this service is to provide you with a unique insight into how a professional trader goes about his business.

Allowing you to follow our proven winning techniques. For example:

  • We only risk up to 2% of our bank.
  • We share with you when we get in and when we get out of the market.
  • Analysis of the market through a daily pre-market video sent right to your email.

We will teach you about risk management, market analysis and money management as well as the techniques to provide you with an edge in the market.

In addition you will also be given exclusive access to high probability trades as they set up – so you can profit as I do.

Low Risk

We adopt a low risk strategy that is suitable for trading with small accounts. Low risk doesn’t mean small profits.

Mobile Access

You will be contacted in real-time showing you the low risk opportunities we are trading via SMS text and email.

Tax Free Income

Index trading has produced tax-free income for clients risking as little as £2 per point.

Pre-Market Contact

Every morning you will get an email setting out the plan for the day so that you can make money alongside our own trading.

Market Analysis/Forecasts

Regular market analysis/forecasts to aid your own trading so that you can understand why we are taking a trade before we even take it.

Trading Mentor

We share a vast amount of knowledge with you so you can learn and profit from the market as we do.

We share a vast amount of knowledge so you can learn and profit from the market as we do.

The Magnet

A high probability target system (70% win rate) showing where the FTSE is heading for that day with an accompanying low risk set up. (But low risk does not mean low returns)

Lifestyle Trades

A trade specifically designed for those with almost no time to trade but who still want a second income.

Medium Term Forecast

Identifying the medium term direction of the FTSE. This part of the service is suited to swing trading and will help traders plan their own trades.

Ultimate Trading Videos

These videos showcase methods used by professional traders. You may find what is discussed to be very different to what you have learned in the past. You may even find it controversial.

Cameron and I hang out in some of the most beautiful parts of the world, trade for half an hour a day and make enough money to enjoy the amazing lifestyle we choose. Imagine making lovely profits and having the time to enjoy it, with virtually zero overhead and no hassle.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

It’s Decision Time!

£3.19 a day – less than the cost of a cup of Costa coffee can change your life!

I think it’s fair to say that if £3.19 a day is out of your comfort area then perhaps you shouldn’t even be considering trading!

However, if your financial future and the confidence in knowing you are working with the best FTSE traders is worth £3.19 a day we encourage you to take the next step.

Win the Market

£ 1164

Per Year
  •  Pre-Market FTSE signal
  •  Daily FTSE analysis
  •  Multi-part video series
  •  Video of full day seminar
  •  Magnetic Trading System
  •  Lifestyle Trades
  •  Medium Term Forecasts
  •  Daily Post-Market video recap
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“Great calls, it all seems to be coming together for me now, what a great team we make!”

Gary S.Berlin, Germany

Is There a Guarantee?

Of course! We stand by all of our products and training because we know they work. We also know that once you get Magnetic Trading working for you, we wouldn’t be able to bribe you enough to give it up!

Now I know that… but right now you probably don’t.

That’s fair enough. It’s why we feel totally confident in offering the following guarantee:

100% No Quibble Money Back Guarantee.

Try out the Magnetic FTSE Service for a full month. Watch the awesome videos; receive our daily alerts. Follow our advice and our trades. Do this for a full month and do whatever it takes to fully satisfy yourself that this is the Quantum Leap you have been searching for.

If, within that period you decide this isn’t for you (or you just simply change your mind) then contact us and you will receive a full, 100% return of your first month’s payment.

You can keep the videos (worth £595) as a ‘thank you’ for giving us a try. How many other trainers will make that sort of offer?

We know that once you have seen how much money you can make from trading like the professionals that you will stay with us as you gain more and more confidence in your abilities.

Remember, for this discounted price you get EVERYTHING I have discussed here:

  • Personal emails telling you which way we think the FTSE is going.
  • Full day video of our ‘behind closed doors’ program worth £595.
  • Magnet Trading System.
  • Lifestyle Trades.
  • Medium Term Forecasts.
  • Mentorship from our team of professionals.
  • It’s an amazing package at a ridiculously low price.
  • Daily pre-market FTSE signal.
  • Multi-part video series – Learn the basics of Index trading so you can get started immediately.
  • How to video – Learning to read the Magnetic FTSE signal.
  • How to video – Setting up the trade in your brokerage account.


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