The Magnetic Trading Financial Economic Scholarship

A $1,000 Financial Economic Scholarship

The Magnetic Trading Financial Economic Scholarship is a highly competitive award for students interested in a career in the financial markets.
It’s available for high school and college undergraduate students who are passionate about economics, financial markets and trading in general.
Students applying must submit a 500 – 1,000 word essay on why they think trading can be a genuine career choice and why they’re interested in learning trading.
They essay can cover any aspect of trading and any market from either a practical or economic perspective.

Studying in the fields of Business, Economics, Banking or Finance is recommended but not required.
Being passionate about finance and markets is an absolute must. If this sounds like you might be a fit for this scholarship, please apply now. We’re excited to read your application!

As part of your application you need to include your name and email, institution, main tutor name and main area of study.

Successful applicants will be contacted to arrange their scholarship.

Please send your applications to [email protected]

Deadline of submission of entry: December 5, 2016.

Awarded: December 15, 2016.