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Whale Trading Blueprint


Introducing a Unique Approach to Trading…
One That Feeds You Income and The Ideal Lifestyle
For As Long as You Like

Our Proprietary System For Consistent 109%+ Returns Every Year

Click on the video above to watch us trade FTSE expiry!

This trade has gone on to record 13.82% since October with a 100% strike rate.
This is just one of 9 amazing trades that are part of the Whale system

Play the video to see the presentation on the new Whale Blueprint System.


+ Free Exclusive Financial Trading Day in London worth £997.

You will be trading our exact house account trading plan.

Listen to our clients tell you what’s possible with our innovative approach to Index Trade Setups:
   My profit is 5% on my account.
   I have made 21.5% on my trades last week.
   I’ve made 5.5% on 12K last week.

   I made $545 dollars last week.

What You’ll Discover About Whale Trades with Our System:

Simply put they are our 9 BEST set-ups across 5 index markets, and based on market inefficiencies. No price action, no flashy indicators, but a pure market imbalance, which almost always balances back in line. This is why our trade recommendations work so well…
MONSTER trades… and why we’ll get up at any time of night to do a quick 30-minute trade like this!
Why less IS more in trading with this mindset (and tool)…
How to remove the emotion from your trades, trust the numbers and recommendations, and follow a very simple (and proven) 1-2-3 formula for Whale Trades…
How, when, and why to pick and choose which of the Whale trades suit your income and lifestyle goals…

Fellow Trader,

You’re busy, I’m sure, but I hope you can spare a few minutes to consider something that can radically transform your income and your future for the better – both financially and in the lifestyle you live.

Today, we’re going to hand you a little-used method to make consistent returns from an area of trading that most people don’t use, or understand.

It’s been refined, perfected, tweaked, and tested for years… with an average return for us and our clients of 109% a year.

The results weren’t always that way, and it’s not a 100% success rate, by any means.

The majority of traders go about their trades
based on indicators and patterns…

We use neither.

Traditional trading involves an enormous of time in front of the screen, with less-than-consistent returns.

The method we are going to discuss today involves just 30-60 minutes of your time a day.

YOU pick what time of day you want to ‘work’… and we will guide you through exactly what to do, when to make your move, and when to stop.

It truly can change the way you earn your money, and live your life!

Personally, I like early mornings so I make my trades early in the day, and then go off skiing for the day, golfing, tennis, or just hanging out with my friends and family.

You can even invest 30 minutes at night, make your trades, and take the next day off to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Whatever your choice on when to work, we show you how to let your lifestyle preferences determine when best to ‘work’.

Collectively we’ve been in this crazy business for a couple decades now.

Which is EXACTLY why this system, which we call the Whale Trading System, was perfected.

We saw far too many traders wasting their lives away
tied to a computer screen, at time often losing
their life savings on inconsistent trades…

So we took what we knew about market indexes, and found a way to successfully trade indexes, over currencies, or stocks.

You see, a market index has certain instabilities that I discovered.

Repeatable instabilities.

In other words, a flaw in the system that happens on a regular occurrence.

All I needed to do was find them, test them, and make sure my discovery was really something I could make solid returns on.

Which we did…

…and I ultimately found 10 different trades
that worked with over a 95% success rate.

In the beginning the returns were less than reliable

We went about mapping out each trade. Making sure my recommendations would return the results promised.

Putting this blueprint into a format that anyone could follow.

We tested it with my own money, and saw my returns grow almost every single time we followed one of the trade recommendations.

And then we added automated alerts with some artificial intelligence software to find me the exact times to make my trades…

Now, we get automatic emails and texts telling me about a market instability.

It gives us approximately 45 minutes to get logged in and make the recommended trade… or we can ignore the trade in favour of another one we are more comfortable with.

If you had to choose the ultimate lifestyle business, what would it be?

Ours would be this exact one. We can do 30-60 minutes of work a day (and choose which part of the day we want to “put in my time”), and then go do anything we want.

In 30-60 minutes of ‘work’ we earn more money than most make in a week, a month, some even a year.

If we lost every penny we had tomorrow, this is the one single thing we would do immediately to get ourselves back on the road to financial independence .They couldn’t imagine themselves doing this so it’s not authentic.

It’s a unique strategy.

It’s a one-of-a-kind suite of tools. It’s consistent. And it’s truly foolproof – if you just follow the plan given.

Until now, we have kept the number of people who know about our system to a minimum. We’ve trained professional traders, and some who just wanted to boost their income, in how to use our Whale Trading Alerts.

Let me recap just a few of our private clients and their results…

   One client made 5% in the first week of using the system.

   Another went from losing at trading to making $545 in his first week.

   Another on a small bank made 21.5% in one week.

This is the model my partner Cameron and I used to replace major stress trading businesses.

It has made us a very substantial profit, and still does every day, with just 30-60 minutes of our time.

Outside of this, we golf, we play tennis, and we travel (all you need is a laptop – or a smart phone – and this can be done anywhere).

As a trader or hobbyist, you can start with small sums of money, build your confidence, and then leverage your winnings (or invest more in larger sums) once you learn the system.

You can find your ideal indexes, that match your perfect time of day to “work”, or you can play with indexes around the world at different times of day to see which ones feel best.

Ultimately, you’ll find the perfect lifestyle business strategy here that fuels your dreams, and funds your family’s future, and does it with minimal time, or stress.

If you want to create an extra stream of consistent income for yourself, this is the best way we’ve ever seen to do it.

The best part about all of this…is there is NOTHING out there comparable with the results we have.

Averaging 80+% wins on trades.

Averaging over 109% annual growth with safe, secure trades.

If you’ve ever wondering how and why a select group of traders seems to make greater returns, without working 12-14 hour days, this is something you seriously need to consider.

There isn’t a safer, more consistent, or faster way to grow your wealth through index trading than with the Whale Trading System.

As I said, there are 2 BIG reasons the majority of traders fail…

They use indicators…

They use patterns…


We use Market psychology. When the market index sways off course it always rights itself, especially in volatile markets.

It’s this market psychology that we play on and use in our special indicator software.

It informs us so we are ready to pounce
on the next available Whale trading opportunity
so we can spear our prize.

The majority are struggling to make ends meet, while we have a 90-95% winning trade record.

Most traders work longer hours, and make less than they would if they held down a traditional job.

They waste a huge amount of the time and money in trading, with minimal returns.

It’s a sad fact of reality, but it’s a true fact.

TIME is your most valuable commodity, yet most people we know show zero respect for it. They’d rather waste hours a day of their valuable time doing things that bring them very little in return.


We’d rather invest minimal time in our actual income generation, but get maximum return.

That gives you over 23 hours a day to do whatever you want with it… while earning an income that puts you in the top 1% of the worlds income earners.

What would you choose? Takes less time, Makes more money.


Takes more time, Makes less money.

Pretty simple decision if you ask me.


We are going to teach you about lifestyle trading, our type of trading, where 75% of our trades are completed within the first 30 minutes after the market(s) opens. That means 8 am for the FTSE and 7 am for the DAX.

An understanding of when institutional money comes into the market and the significance of “dividend Tuesday” so you aren’t leaving fair amounts of money on the table, as both of these provide great trading opportunities.

How to utilize your exclusive access to our high probability trades that usually setup every week – so you can profit as we do. These high probability trades are unique opportunities in the market that require a keen eye and years of experience to spot. This allows you to reduce your learning curve while making money at the same time.

You will learn about all degrees of risk management, market analysis and money management, as well as the techniques to provide you with an edge on the market. Learning many of these disciplines is not always an intellectual process, it is also an emotional process, and we are here to help you navigate through those challenges like a pro.

New insights and learning opportunities happen everyday in the markets. Your personal trading mentors are teaching and guiding you everyday with real market trades in real market situations as they unfold.

We’ve developed quite a fondness for my golf, my beach time, my leisure time, and my family time.

All of which was only made possible once we perfected the Whale Trading system.
This is a pretty simple offer we have for you here.

You’ve read this far, you understand how market inefficiencies and instabilities are where the big opportunities are for consistent returns.

You’ve heard why we’re not a fan of traditional trading, not as most people do it.

You’ve heard the serious problem I found in trading the way most people do it… namely getting a very small return for a very large commitment of time.

And you’ve now seen first hard proof of a much better way to trade.

An artificial intelligence based system that flags an instability in the index I choose.

The system sends me an alert, showing me exactly where the instability and opportunity is, it gives me 30-45 or more minutes to get prepared and make the trade (if I want), and it even has a tutorial video on exactly how to do the trade it’s suggesting.

My total time invested in the trade: 30-60 minutes.

Sound like a way you’d like to make a part or full time income?

Does the idea of seeing your investments grow by
109% a year sound good to you?

We mentioned to you earlier, the Whale Trading System was only available to a small group of individuals that we hand chose to teach it to.

You’ll go through the exact training they went through.

You’ll be shown exactly what to do, how to do it, and why Whale Trading is the best way to balance your desire to grow your wealth, with a lifestyle that you want.

Imagine knowing and using a system less than 1% of the traders out there know.

Knowing that you’ll get a text and email notifying you of a trade coming up that you might want to be in on.

Being able to click on the notification and get a quick reminder video (if you want) showing you again how to do the upcoming trade.

…And then walking into the actual trade with confidence, having the simple steps at your side, and a plan at your fingertips.

Minutes later you stop the trade, make note of the solid return
you just made, and go about your day to do as you please.


After all our years as traders, this is (by far) our favourite way and frequency to trade.

And we want YOU to be part of this!

Why would you NOT want to be part of this?

Here are our TOP reasons for loving Trading Whale Trades:

   Our highest probability wins
   Trade them Live with us
   Confidence is kept high
   Keeps us from over-trading and over-thinking
   Multiplier effect in over 5 markets
   No missing trades with automated alerts
   No major screen time
   Pure lifestyle trading
   Phenomenal returns

Here’s what I’m offering to you today,
that’s never before been offered to anyone outside our small

   The Whale Trading Alert System (email and text)

   The Whale Trading Blueprint Manual

3 part webinar recordings where we teach you each of the 9 trades

   1 year ongoing mentoring via the Live Trading Room

   Trading plan for 2017/2018

   Access to learning Center

    Quarterly Q&A Webinar

   100% Money Back Guarantee

In a place where one SINGLE trade can add 4 or 8% to your portfolio… how much is this worth to you?

We hope you understand the proven,
and immense value we are offering you here.

The biggest comment we get from our inner-circle clients in this program was how much they loved our help.

Having us at your side through the trades gives you the confidence and experience to get good fast. We give you personalized help, and video training help (not to forget our live trading sessions).

And you’ll get all this, plus US to train you, for just £4000


To recap…

Whale Trades are our BEST set ups across 5 markets and based on market inefficiencies. No price action, no flashy indicators, but a pure imbalance in the market which needs to balance back in line.

This is why the trades work so well.

99% of the herd do not trade this way!!!! That’s why they spin their wheels….

Invest your time with us, and we will show you how to free your time, while making some incredible returns on your money.

Cameron Malik and Mark Austin

PS: You may never know for sure what you could miss out on, what could have been, had you only invested a few hours of your time learning the Whale Trading system. But that’s the problem, NOT knowing what you’re missing out on! You’ve seen an inside view of what we can help you do. Of how we can help you ramp up your game, and experience newfound trading wealth unlike anything else you’ve probably seen yet.

Surely there are parts of this that are appealing, would absolutely thrill your loved ones, create jealousy amongst your friends and fellow traders, and make your life all-around better.

An additional income stream to eliminate any debts you may have, fund your next major vacation, fund your kids advanced education, or create a lifestyle you would love.

This may well be a way for you to retire sooner… and wealthier.

We can’t command you to investigate and invest in our service. But we can invite you, and promise you an eye opening experience that you won’t find elsewhere.

One that may change your financial future, in ways that you can’t now imagine.

Using only the advice I receive from Magnetic Trading I have placed just 18 trades in the last 30 days. 14 were wins, 2 broke even, and 2 were losses, for a total of £3674 profit. I have been able to execute these trades before heading into work at a busy full time job. I am usually cycling into work at 07:50 and stop to check the signal and place trades on my I-Phone!
Tobias M. Berlin, Germany
I have been learning and trading with Mark and Cameron for 6 months, it has been a huge learning curve, missed a couple of trades because I didn’t fully understand the process. Every trade I missed I made sure I understood for next time. Had 17 trades for 12 wins and 5 losses. I was only trading .50c volume. Very excited with the outcome so far, they are really diligent with their research and it shows in the success rate I have had.
Jackie F Melbourne, Australia

The LIVE TRADING ROOM can help you make full time profits trading part time alongside two experienced, professional traders.

Remember, for this discounted price you get EVERYTHING we have discussed:

Receive our daily pre-market signal for the FTSE & DAX.
Participate in our daily LIVE interactive web conference.
View our daily post market video recaps.
Personal emails telling you which way we think the FTSE is going.
Full day video of our ‘behind closed doors’ program worth £595.
Magnet Trading Methodology.
Full system disclosure on select strategies.
Lifestyle Trades as they set up.
Medium Term Forecasts.
Personal mentorship from Mark and Cameron.
Multi-part video series – Learn the basics of Index trading so you can get started immediately or simply refresh your skills.
How to video – Learn to read the Magnetic FTSE & DAX signals.
How to video – Setting up the trade in your brokerage account.
No Quibble 100% Money Back Guarantee.

It doesn’t get better than this!

Remember this service is normally £179 for the first month, but if you sign up today you will receive 50% off your first month,
PLUS the added DAX BONUS!

So that’s only £89.50 for your first month!

First Month 50% Off £89.50
  • Personal Mentorship via daily interactive web conferencing.
  • Video reviews of the day’s trades sent directly to your email.
  • Daily market analysis
  • Full system disclosure on select strategies.
  • (So that you can eventually become independent of us)
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