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Hi Mark, I just thought I'd send you a quick email to let you know how I've been getting on. Firstly a big thank you because through your advice each day and your seminars I have managed to increase by account by 120% over the last 6 months, with the majority of that increase coming in the last couple of months. I feel I'm really starting to understand what I need to be looking for and what to target, this was supported by the fact my analysis was pretty much the same as yours this morning which gave me confidence that I'm doing the right things. Anyway I look forward to seeing you at the seminar next week, keep up the good work!
Chris Z. Melbourne, Australia
Hi Mark. Since 1st Sept to 10th Oct (today), I have made a profit of £990. Thats an 11% increase in my account. Thank you very much. Yours
John M. London, England
Hi Mark I really big thank you for such a professional and informing couple of days of presentations. Your presentation style and skill is first class. You covered so many areas where I clearly had “gaps”! I look forward to moving on in a more informed and better manner over the next few months. Have a smooth flight back the beloved country
David E. Munich, Germany
Once again thank you for a fantastic seminar on Friday and i started putting some of what i learned from your seminar to good use this morning and was able to reach my target so a great start which helps confidence without being over confident. Once again thank you very much.
Jeff R. Glasgow, Scotland
Good morning I just wanted to say a big thank you for another set of excellent seminars !!! I am now beginning to make consistent profits ( av 5.5 % per month over last 15 months - my wife even more in her systems) but you cannot stop learning and fine tuning ones strategies . I have taken away a number of things with me which I will start investigating further and eventually incorporate in my trading DNA
Thank you again and i look forward to future seminars Have safe journies home and take care
Azher G. Leeds, United Kingdom
Hi Mark, would just like to say thank you. I was not very successfull until i came to your seminar in April now things seem to be dropping into place ,in fact I was down to my last £106 getting ready to finish, but now I am actually earning money.
Kevin H. Manchester, United Kingdom
Hi Mark,
It was great to finally meet you last week and I Just wanted to say a belated thank you for the semniar. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I have certainly never left any other event armed with so much information and I very much look forward to future seminars.
Woooo Hooooo... Well played I picked up 75 points
Des T. Edinburgh, Scotland
In life we just plod along living a hand to mouth existence and all of a sudden some one or something comes into your life and completely changes it for ever, that some one is you and I count myself a very lucky person to be dealing with you. You have given me hope and the courage to earn an enormous amount of cash. Thanks a million.
Warmest Regards.
Tony W. Leicester, United Kingdom
I am not sure whether you pick up emails to you personally but I starting subscribing to your daily emails back in January. I am not a big player but started with £7,500 on IG index in Mid January and have just closed all my positions today prior to going on holiday for 4 weeks, with a balance of £34,045. In a big part thanks to your daily reports. Worth the subscription I think it is fair to say !!
Keep up the good work. As you say its all about acknowledging where we are and preparing to make profit in any economic climate. Best wishes
David P. York, United Kingdom
Just wanted to tell you that from the first email I received from you on Wednesday. I made over GBP 656.20 in less than 1.5 hours!
This was very exciting. I look forward to the next 12 months!
Juan B. Brighton, United Kingdom