What would be your ideal Online Trading Academy?


What would be ideal?

How about a professional trader taking you by the hand step by step through each trade. Highlighting all the key features and keeping you on track.


IF the markets are open we are open trading daily alongside you.

  • Room target of 100% ROI per year.
  • Ask any question you can think of in a live room.
  • Review videos of previous trades.

If you like the sound of that then read on as we can delivery all that and more…

In the online trading world, as in many others, there is no substitute for a real hands-on trading experience which is why we base our online trading academy called our
Magnetic Trading Room Service around a few simple, yet highly effective, trading systems.

We are very happy to stand by our results and, if you follow our suggestions and recommendations, your market risk will be very strictly controlled and the risk on the subscription we charge is completely eliminated by our money back guarantee.

You have everything to gain from your online trading academy!

Our online trading academy is designed to teach you to trade in a very simple and effective way. Trading is a “life skill” and, once learnt, will give you financial freedom!

Plus our trading approach meets the “lifestyle” criterion meaning you are not stuck in front of a screen all day but can live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Would you like to join our Trading Family?

Imagine if in one fell swoop you could remove your losing trades?

Magnetic Short-Term Trading, the first course of its kind that shows you how a professional trader writes a daily report predicting the outcome of the markets.

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