We trade real money every day in front of our clients.

At Magnetic Trading, we believe
in Transparent Trading.

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At Magnetic Trading, we believe it’s very rare to find anyone in the day trading training industry who personally makes a profit on a daily or weekly basis. Most trainers are marketers peddling a “foolproof system”, or relying on their “guru” status to attract clients.

At Magnetic Trading, we believe in Transparent Trading.

Neither of us learned day trading from a book or youtube videos,- so why should we expect you to learn that way? 

That’s why we give all of our students live access to our trades. So you can see what professional traders, who trade every day, are doing. 

The gurus and marketers will tell you the “best way to get experience is by paper trading.” But the reality is, everything changes when it’s real money on the line. You know it’s different, and you make decisions you never would have made if you were trading paper. So your “experience” from paper trading is exactly that: experience trading paper, not Real Experience with Real Trades that can earn (or lose) Real Money.

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Everyone has a plan
until they get punched
in the mouth.
Mike Tyson

The trouble with learning day trading by experience is that when you lose money it smarts! It’s like learning to box–if you’re going to get in the ring as a rookie, you’re going to take a few punches in the face.

We are professional traders who trade every day. And instead of selling you an online course, we stand in the ring and take those punches with you.  

All of our traders start by trading alongside us, making the exact trades we do. So if you ever get punched in the face, we take the hit too. 


Your expert mentors

Mark Austin &
Cameron Malik

One got out of the banks; the other got out of business so they could trade from anywhere in the world. They both ended up in Thailand, and the idea of Magnetic Trading was born.

Learn more about how Mark and Cameron became consistently profitable day traders and why they now teach others to do the same.

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Imagine if in one fell swoop you could remove your losing trades?

Magnetic Short-Term Trading, the first course of its kind that shows you how a professional trader writes a daily report predicting the outcome of the markets.

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