DAX 1st of the Month

Dive into the German index market effortlessly, whether you’re a novice or a pro!

Our unique DAX 1st of the Month strategy ensures a smooth trading experience, promising substantial returns without the hassle.

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Since November 2018:

2.4% Average Win
10% Return A Year Averagely
 1% Risk Per Trade

Here is why you should join
DAX 1st of the Month:

  • This trade is connected to pension money flowing into the markets each month. A pure institutional trade!
  • Great side income
  • Good addition to a current traders trading plan
  • Has returned over 10% a year averagely over the last seven years risking only one person a trade.
  • You will only have to trade once a month for 10 minutes 10 times a year so that means you get two months off.
  • No screen watching, no chart patterns, no technical analysis needed. You’ve heard about trades that take 10 minutes or months before but this one truly does.
Your pathway to trading mastery starts here – sharp, clear, and incredibly rewarding!

DAX First of the Month

So what is DAX 1st of the Month?

It’s a short-term trading strategy intricately linked to the regular influx of pension and institutional money.

How does it work?

  • Trades once a month at a set time
  • Pure lifestyle trade
  • Easy to execute
  • Suitable for beginners and seasoned traders
  • Trades on the German index market
  • Get exposure to the best companies listed in Germany

Expiry Trade

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Magnetic Trading has transformed lives and bank accounts.

I do 2-3 trades a week which is enough to generate an income.

I do 2-3 trades a week which is enough to generate an income.

Jay learned a lot from Magnetic in the last 4 years and he is now making a living out of trading. Jay is doing 2-3 trades a week, which is enough to generate the same income as when he was working full time. The main factor that got him from an average trader to a confirmed trader is focusing on one market and increasing the size of his trades.

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$27,000 on the Nikkei

$27,000 on the Nikkei

"We made back all the money for the trip and the course whilst we were there"

Kenny and Sally Loh
Sydney Mastermind Event

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I made $8000 on Expiry

I made $8000 on Expiry

“I always trade at the open” "I like index trades, I like quick trades" "I like how Mark is so precise and leaves you in no doubt what you should be doing"

Carol Bearsley & Trisha Vincent
Sydney Mastermind Event

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DAX 1st of the Month

Join DAX 1st of the Month and learn from the best!

You’ll get:

  • Exclusive Access: Learn directly from Cameron, the creator of this trade, who has over a decade of successful trading under his belt. This is a unique strategy you won’t find anywhere else on the internet.
  • Monthly Insights: Stay sharp with ongoing video reviews of each trade and reminders sent straight to your inbox, ensuring you’re always in the loop and ready to trade.

Brand New for 2023

  • A ridiculously low investment of only $2000 today.

Expiry Trade

This program is for you if:

If you’re looking to enhance your trading portfolio, desire a reliable side income, and value a trading strategy that respects your time and lifestyle, DAX First of the Month is tailored for you.

This program is NOT for you if:
  • You don’t want to learn how two professional traders trade.
  • You don’t want to spend 10 minutes a month trading a very high probability trade.


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