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Exclusive benefits for Magnetic Trading Students:


    • A VIP phone line and dedicated account manager for Magnetic clients, so you can get the attention you need when you need it from your broker, instead of being just another number.
    • Our daily levels straight into your account. No more calculating levels and being confused about what levels you are trading today.
    • The same pricing we are trading, so when we say a price, you will see the same price on your screen.

    • Reporting on your trading. We will show you the exact KPI’s (key performance indicators) that we use to monitor our in-house account to keep us on the straight and narrow. Too many traders do not look at these metrics and wonder why they don’t have enough money in their trading account at the end of the month.
    • We have a risk calculator built into the platform so no matter what currency or market or trade you are taking, you can work out your stake instantly.

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