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Magnetic Trading’s new app

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We have trained over 1000 students.

Hear from our
successful students.

Our students are from all walks of life from lorry drivers to lawyers. Some making 6 figures from trading others more modest monthly sums to take their family on holiday. The thing that defines them all is a desire to succeed and crack the day trading nut to become profitable. Listen to their stories below.

“Firmly in the Black”

Tim is one of our successful students who is a pilot by trade.
We first interviewed him after he had been with us for only 6 weeks.
His goal was to eventually in a few years be able to replace his income.

Fast forward six months and he joins us at another event and wins the prize for the biggest win during the event a 6.2% return and a $6,000 bounty.

Fast forward another 12 months at the next event and he tells u he has been with us for 18 months. This time his prize win was for a trade of exactly $13,650, in one trade taken at the event.

“I am firmly in the black”, he modestly explains. Fair Dinkum Tim.

I have a feeling that there will be a little less flying after that result.

“Firmly in the Black”

“This is the best thing that ever happened to me. I like to understand why things happen on the market. And with Magnetic Trading, I’m firmly in the black.”

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More Success Stories

I do 2-3 trades a week which is enough to generate an income.
Jay learned a lot from Magnetic in the last 4 years and he is now making a living out of trading. Jay is doing 2-3 trades a week, which is enough to generate the same income as when he was working full time. The main factor that got him from an average trader to a confirmed trader is focusing on one market and increasing the size of his trades.

“$6000 in a hour”
"I can use this to generate an income for the rest of my life" "I spend around an hour trading a day"

Peter Gribbs

Bangkok Mastermind Event 2016

3.5% in One Night
"I can be done in half an hour a day" "I can understand the market function they are taking advantage of" "They have a brilliant understanding of the markets. It's an intuition"

Neil Welsh

Sydney Mastermind Event 2016

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