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Your expert mentors

Mark Austin & Cameron Malik

One got out of the banks, the other got out of business. They both wanted to trade from anywhere in the world…and they both ended up in Thailand. And Magnetic Trading was born…

Discover how Mark and Cameron ended up devoting three decades to trading the indices, and why they now teach others to do the same.

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From lorry drivers to lawyers, Magnetic Trading has transformed lives and bank accounts...

I made $8000 on Expiry
“I always trade at the open” "I like index trades, I like quick trades" "I like how Mark is so precise and leaves you in no doubt what you should be doing"

Carol Bearsley & Trisha Vincent

Sydney Mastermind Event 2017

“We’re taking from the market $1,000 a day”
“The education is really wonderful. We are really happy with the results we are getting and it has been a wonderful journey.”

Kenny Loh

Sydney Mastermind Event 2017

“I Pick The Kids Up From School and Play Golf”
"I wondered how I could of traded the markets before with the knowledge I have learned"


Bangkok Mastermind Event 2017

“$6000 in a hour”
"I can use this to generate an income for the rest of my life" "I spend around an hour trading a day"

Peter Gribbs

Bangkok Mastermind Event 2016

47% Gain Since Joining
"It's been going fantastic I enjoy the learning aspect"

Stephen Chilvers

Sydney Mastermind 2017

3.5% in One Night
"I can be done in half an hour a day" "I can understand the market function they are taking advantage of" "They have a brilliant understanding of the markets. It's an intuition"

Neil Welsh

Sydney Mastermind Event 2016

5% per month
"I chose Mark and Cameron based on their reputation" "The biggest challenge is managing Risk"

Neville Brummer

Bangkok Mastermind Event 2018

Index Trading – The Risk Reward Is Much Greater
"It's like learning a language you can't expect to learn overnight." "What I like about Index trading is you can sit in front of the screen for five or ten minutes and see if the trade is on or not.

Jakes Niemand

Bangkok Mastermind Event 2018

Become a Profitable Day Trader for Only $200.00

Our Magnetic Advisor Programme delivers the same trades that have been responsible for our in-house account growing over 200% in the last 5 years.

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