First Time in Asia
Tom Hougaard & Magnetic Trading Mega Event

Learn From Millionaire Traders & Elevate Your Trading Game
March 10th, 2024 | Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit

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Meet and Learn from Millionaire Traders

Tom Hougaard

In my talk, I’ll explore “situational analysis” – a fresh approach that diverges from traditional technical analysis but still values charts. The key is to excel during the trading hours that suit you best, not to master every aspect of trading. Remember, a solid method is useless if you can’t trade it confidently; doubts can sabotage your performance. I’ll guide you through preparing for a new trading day, explain the rationale behind it, and discuss the necessary training. You’ll also get visual statistical data for both mechanical and discretionary trading strategies in European and US stock indices.
Expect an engaging 3 hours!

Magnetic Trading

We focus on index trading and market function trades, these industry leaders boast an impressive 80% win rate. Over 15 years, we made a global impact, guiding clients worldwide and we are here to share our proven strategies, designed for any trader
to implement easily. It’s an ideal opportunity, especially for those with hectic schedules,
to learn how to generate a substantial side income.
This is your chance to learn from the best, gain invaluable insights, and transform your approach to trading. Don’t miss out on this event – it could be the turning point towards your financial success.

What you will learn

Full Price Action & Market Funtion Mastery

Gain actionable insights with demonstrations of the price action setups that Tom uses to read the market’s pulse—and how you can do the same. You’ll also learn Magnetic Trading market function action set ups for high probability trading.

Psychology of Elite

Delve into the mindset of the top 1% of traders. Discover psychological strategies that fortify your trading discipline and decision-making.

Insiders Secrets Unveiled

Magnetic trading will be teaching how to take the opposite side of losing traders to make consistent money.

Our Best Trades

Magnetic Trading will teach you live their top trades live, helping you transform your trading game into a thriving business. You’ll learn two trades valued at 2000 GBP, all included in the price of your entry ticket (300 GBP only!).
Now that’s what we call an incredible deal!

Apart From Life Changing Knowledge and Lots of Fun

Full Day Trading Event

This is a first-of-a-kind event in Asia, featuring an intensive 6-hour workshop led by Tom Hougaard and Magnetic Trading. This is a unique opportunity to engage with these renowned millionaire traders during breaks in the workshop.

Pre Event Networking

We will kick off the event with a pre-event mixer, where you’ll have the chance to mingle with millionaire traders and like-minded peers eager to enhance their trading skills. This evening of drinks and snacks is an ideal setting to expand your trading network.


There you will sit and enjoy lunch with the speaker and network with other fellow traders. A great occasion to immerse yourself in the flavours of Thai cuisine at the stunning Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit. Enjoy further networking sessions with speakers and traders. At these we will bring some of the local specialities of music and cuisine to the event.

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Early Birds offer is limited to 30 spaces.

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About Tom Hougaard

Tom Hougaard, the best-selling author of “BEST LOSER WINS,” challenges conventional trading wisdom and distills the formula for success in the financial markets.
With over 30 years of trading experience, Tom has mastered the art of day trading, consistently extracting profits from the markets. This seminar offers a unique shortcut to learning how to achieve a full-time income through trading.

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Tom Hougard’s book
Event details
  • Date: 10 of March 2024
  • Location: Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Price: £300 as an Early Birds Offer
(normal price £1200). Early birds offer is limited to 30 spaces!
Event Schedule
  • 9/03/24
    6 p.m: Welcome Sundowner drinks – Octave Roof Top Bar
  • 10/03/24
    09:30 a.m: Registrations
    10:00 a.m  11:15 a.m: Trading Market Function and Investments
    11:45 a.m – 1 p.m: Learn 2 Highly Profitable Market Function Strategies which alone worth 2000 GBP (if purchased separately)
    2 p.m – 5 p.m: Tom Hougaard’s Masterclass
  • All day long: Enjoy Thai Theme Breaks, Lunch and Networking

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The Magnetic Trading Experience

One got out of the banks, the other got out of business. They both wanted to trade from anywhere in the world…and they both ended up in Thailand. And Magnetic Index Trading was born…

Discover how Mark and Cameron ended up devoting three decades to trading the indices, and why they now teach others to do the same.

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Magnetic Trading has transformed lives and bank accounts.

I do 2-3 trades a week which is enough to generate an income.

I do 2-3 trades a week which is enough to generate an income.

Jay learned a lot from Magnetic in the last 4 years and he is now making a living out of trading. Jay is doing 2-3 trades a week, which is enough to generate the same income as when he was working full time. The main factor that got him from an average trader to a confirmed trader is focusing on one market and increasing the size of his trades.

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$27,000 on the Nikkei

$27,000 on the Nikkei

"We made back all the money for the trip and the course whilst we were there"

Kenny and Sally Loh
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I made $8000 on Expiry

I made $8000 on Expiry

“I always trade at the open” "I like index trades, I like quick trades" "I like how Mark is so precise and leaves you in no doubt what you should be doing"

Carol Bearsley & Trisha Vincent
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