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Lovely Letter from a Client of Ours


I’ve been meaning to write about my experiences using your training system. I have recommended it to clients of mine through my Unique Property website. I guess most people are rather nervous of the type of investment this is. And as far as I am concerned trading the indices using your system and its variants is a type of investment.

I’ve been with you for about three years now. I have to admit I got off to a slow start. I also went through a big downer, and was lost and depressed and couldn’t see my way. Then I suddenly found a market (the Dax) which seemed to fit my personality, and my trading has gone from strength to strength. I am now regularly getting over 100 points a month. This month I am over 250 points. At just £10 a pip that’s a nice income.

My daily preparation takes ten minutes. I trade for roughly 45 mins over breakfast, and the rest of the day is my own, except for some Big Fish trades where I follow you. Otherwise I am now trading on my own.

That is possible because of the sheer range of your training videos, which are clear, precise, and incredibly accurate. I cant think of any other service that could provide anything remotely approaching the quality and range of your training materials. There are the training videos, the online trading rooms using Skype, and your guidance while the trade is on. Quite frankly, I dont know how you manage to trade yourself while at the same time guiding us through trades on the Footsie, the Dax, the Dow, and the Asx.

Finally, if, heaven forbid, your get run over by a rickshaw, I now have the knowledge to trade completely on my own. A laptop, an internet connection, and the knowledge?. I can live well anywhere I choose. Nice. Thanks Mark, I really appreciate it.


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