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Most of the trading education industry is scam! How to get on the correct side of the money

The below is rather hard-hitting but it’s important you learn about this.



Learn the Difference Between Index, Stocks and Forex

Learn and research different types of trading when you first start off. There are many ways to make money in the market and it’s important to work out where you fit.


stock trading



I have traded all of the above except bitcoin (too new). In my early years, I struggled to make money from forex (more on this below) and stocks and finally settled on Index’s because:

a) You can trade at a set time for 30 mins a day and make consistent money (index markets actually open and close every day creating imbalances which can be taken advantage of). The whole point of moving to financial trading is to better your life. In all honesty, if I had to sit in front of a screen all day looking for indicators to cross over and price action sets ups I would rather stack shelves in my local supermarket.

b) Many of the trades we take (especially on the whale index programme), the big institutions cannot get involved in as they cannot get the liquidity for big size to get in and out quick (that’s why we as the retail trader finally have an edge). I firmly believe this is why the whale programme is so successful because the big players cannot get involved. Currency trading (FX) on the other hand has the greatest liquidity in the market and the big players and banks all get involved. If you struggle to make money with FX then the reason is you are competing against the bank! Is it any wonder why you are not making money. Trading is a zero-sum game. Where there is a winner there is a loser on the opposite side. You need to stack the competition in your favour by trading against traders not as good as you! That’s specifically why I love index trading and create consistent money because my competition is weak.



Learn To Not Run Losses

Easier said than done and many newbie traders struggle with this and I get it.
No one likes to lose money.
These emotions will always affect you and the only way to break this habit is to
protect yourself from yourself. Personally, I opt for setups that trigger and
complete very quickly. Almost all the trades in the whale programme have small stops
and complete rapidly. If a trade is completed rapidly you don’t have the time to allow
emotions to enter your brain and mess up a trade. Also, most clients run losses when they take
a view on the long-term direction of a market. Taking trades based on market inefficiencies if often counter-intuitive so there is less likely hood of getting attached to the trade as the trade
will often ”feel” wrong. Hint…. most trades that feel right are generally wrong!
Psychology plays a massive role in trading.



Keep Studying

Our best clients on the whale programme STUDY and learn all the trades inside out. Tim, for example, has made over 100K over the last 2 years just trading one whale trade! BUT he studied and learnt the setup. There is no room for being lazy if you want rewards in life.



News Events Are Your Enemy

Acknowledge markets move on sentiment and not news. The news channels will always find a reason for a market move. The reality is the market is going up or down because of sentiment. Basing trades purely on news events is a sure way to lose in the long run. The reason is good news can be bad news for someone else and vice versa.



Forget Indicators

Do you realise that an indicator is just price interpreted in a different manner but delayed? Why on earth would you want to take trades based on delayed action? The smart money gets in quick. The dumb money gets in when the smart money is exciting. It sickens me to this day that there are so many marketers pushing trading systems based on indicators which are just hot air and you may as well go play a video game which will be far cheaper in the long run. You must learn from real traders who ACTUALLY trade. We trade live in front of our clients daily. Sadly most educators out there are marketing companies run by failed traders.

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