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Time Not Money: Your Most Valuable Asset

Contrary to what may seem, a trader’s most valuable asset is not actually money but time. Your most valuable asset could really be overlooked in the focus of earning money when time is, in fact, the most important factor.

With trading, you can learn to take the full advantage of time. With 9-5 jobs in the 21st century, most workers find themselves giving up almost 10 hours of their day when considering travel. You spend your entire day wasting your most valuable asset of time and putting all of this effort directly to your employer.

Learning how to make the most of your most valuable asset – time is what can allow you to utilise your day and redeem the rewards. (Tweet this)

Many traders make the mistake of quitting their jobs and trading full time without any experience or guidance from mentors. A great way to begin focusing on time not money – your most valuable asset is to begin trading part time. By making the most of the hours before and after your contracted office hours you can begin to reap the rewards, maybe even during if you have an understanding boss or work for yourself!

As time is not tangible like money, it is easy to overlook the importance of time and so end up wasting this incredibly valuable resource. When put simply, you can use time to make money however you cannot use money to buy yourself time.  Using a live trading chat room to assist in your trading decisions can teach you to make sensible and considered decisions which will likely lead to profitability in the long run and get you to profit quicker hence the importance of focusing on time, not money.

This is why we promote what we call lifestyle trading. It can be easy to jump form a job at the office starting at a screen right into another job sat starting at a screen although this time you might even find more stress at this job! So, we advocate lifestyle trading where you take trades at set times, then and only then you trade and the rest of the time you study trading or do other things with your life. This leads to better results not worse and also lowers the stress of trading.

With trading revolving around money, it’s easy to misperceive that money is the ultimate asset however when looking from a broader perspective you’ll find it to be time, not money.

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